Church Schedule

Mass Schedule

8:30 AM, 10:00 AM,
11:00 AM (Tridentine Latin Mass),
12:30 PM, 5:15 PM, and 7:00 PM

7:10 AM, 8:10 AM,
12:10 PM, 12:40 PM, 1:10 PM,
and 5:10 PM

8:10 AM, 12:10 PM, and
5:10 PM (fulfills Sunday obligation)

Holy Day of Obligation
7:10 AM, 7:40 AM, 8:10 AM, 8:40 AM,
11:40 AM, 12:10 PM, 12:40 PM, 1:10 PM, 1:40 PM,
5:10 PM (English High Mass), and 6:10 PM

The 5:10 PM Mass on the day before the Holy Day fulfills the obligation.

Civic Holiday
8:10 AM, 12:10, and 1:10 PM

Confession Schedule

7:30–8:30 AM, 12:40–1:40 PM,
and 5:00–5:30 PM

11:45 AM–12:30 PM and 4:45–5:30 PM

Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament

1:40–4:55 PM (Benediction)

First Friday of the Month
9:40 AM–12:00 Noon and 1:40–4:55 PM (Benediction)

First Friday Vigil

Every first Friday of the month, a vigil is held in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus beginning with the 5:10 PM Mass.  Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament follows the Mass and concludes at 7:00 PM with Benediction.

Recitation of the Holy Rosary

Monday–Friday after the 5:10 PM Mass
Saturday after the 12:10 PM Mass


Monday – Miraculous Medal
Wednesday – Saint Michael
Friday – Sacred Heart of Jesus
Prayed after all Masses.

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Monday–Friday at 3:00 PM

Vespers (Evening Prayer) and Benediction

Monday–Friday at 4:55 PM

Rectory Office Hours

Monday–Friday: 10:00 AM–5:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Saint Agnes Bookstore

Sunday: 12:00 Noon–2:00 PM
Monday–Friday: 12:00 Noon–2:00 PM
Saturday: Closed

Stations of the Cross

Every Friday during Lent following the 5:10 PM Mass.


Baptisms of children should take place as soon as possible. Please make arrangements one month before your preferred date.


By appointment at least six months in advance. Pre-Cana is required.

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